Inspired by my grandmother, Clara Marie, who, as grandmothers before her, knitted personal towels for her daughters. The towels and washcloths are made for the entire familiy following the same recipes. Use any way you like. Wash wash wash them. And in boiling hot water too! And tumble them dry over and over again. They will stay with you for a very long time. So get used to them. 100% organic cotton.

Enjoy my first edition of handknitted towels designed by: Clare Marie, Sønderballe, DK. She was born in 1914 the 3’rd youngest of 8 sisters. They lived on a small farm in the southern part of Denmark. First Clare Marie’s parents got a baby boy who died of pneumonia and then had 8 daughers straight. The youngst of the daughters stayed on the farm and fell in love with the young farm hand. He was not fit to marry though, but traveled all the way to America to work for the railroads. Years later he came back with a red Caddilac and a lot of money, but worked for the rest of his life as a farm hand. They had secretly gotten married and kept it to themselves their whole life.



Clara Marie is, for this first collection, made in two of my grand mothers favorite patterns. 

ZigZag and Square.


Logo or name can be embroidered against payment.

Beach towel 80x180 cm

Bath towel 70x100 cm

Hand towel 50x70 cm

Wash cloth 30x30 cm

Table napkin 40x50 cm

Baby blanket 80x80 cm